Tuesday, 29 July 2014

selamat hari raya 2014, MS IZZATI

olla world!!  * waving like a lunatic*
It has been ages, i mean AGES since my last post here. when was it? oh ya my man's 28th birthday.
hahaha. i guess theres so much to update eh? almost a year has passed by, n massive life- changing decision has been made ever since. yupe people, I'm officially engaged to one hell-off- a- guy, the one who've been thru the last 5 years of ups and down together. to this crazy yet adorably adorable guy exactly on 25.6.2014.

hands off him if u wanna live :p

dis also means that i am officially a BRIDE TO BE for another 2 weeks!
crazy as it may seems, me myself, i still can't believe it either. lol
im stuttered. i know, i know it has been 4 months since the engagement, yet I'm still gobsmacked from it. who doesn't anyway. well, i shall stop crapping, let all the engagement photos speaks. till then, selamat hari raya 2014!! my last raya b4 I say i do to u, the one who i'll spend the rest of my life with.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Off faith and love

Heyya! It's been awhile aite?
 Nothing much is goin on. Im getting lazier these days. U know, that kind of laziness to even lift up ur own finger. Hey it's hello October! That means, im reaching 27 in few months time. Danggggg,  *Facepalm* that's hurt. But yeah, people age, we age! No matter how young u look, the fact that time is running out and we r one step closer to death each second remains a fact. 
A F***ING HARD fact!

 So here's a thing, today i am making a self-pledge. lol. 
pledge to be positive in everything i do
To be extraordinary as possible as i can. 
I pledge to be good
N i pledge to be the only kind in the world *wait, scratch that* in the entire universe system 
and that girl who everyone is proud to know n to be with
Life is so short to take into account all the negativity. Have fun! Live ur life to the best ever. But hey, do it as a proper Muslim. After all no one u shud take care of more than ur relationship w HIM here and hereafter. He plans all the thing to the finest, da cantik dea aturkan.
 Pgg rukun yg ke 6 tu kuat2 berimanlah dgn qada' dan qadar. 

Yes, if anyone ever wonder how can i simply accept things. That's it. 
I believed that if u r good u'll get good things in life. so do good. be good. 
there's always time for it. be blessed if u have chances to change everything. 
to actually be on the right path. Alhamdulillah for that.

Ihdina's-sirat al-mustaqim” {Guide us on the Straight Path}. 
-al-Fatihah, verse 5

n I also believe that is the best Allah had promise for me and InsyaAllah more to come. 

*p/s Dear, my so-called fiancé, 
happy belated birthday~! 
 May Allah bless u w happiness.
May us stays forever, InsyaAllah.
For accepting me as who i am, for all the gedikness, and for all the hassles that i've caused, ILY to bits!
It has been 4 years since u r part in my life, 
I'm staying for lots to come, n I won't trade that w anything else in the world!
aww da kenapa nk sadis ni kan? haha ok bye! muahx!


Friday, 29 March 2013

Be good.

Olla readers!
Mcm ada readers kan!
So here's a thing. Im a mess.
At least I know i am in one.
If anybody knows how to open up, do lemme know. Coz ive been trying here baby. Really hard. It aint easy like i used to tell. U-uh not at all.

There's a reason for everythng. Look upon wut is goin to happen. Dun let me be there again. Dun ever let me touch it. N pls dun make me fell again. I wont have the hearts for it anymore. No one is perfect, yes i know. But we dun live for evil. At least im trying my best. So pls take this seriously. Be scared. Coz it is frightening to be thrown in hell. It is.

So to u, i am grateful u r here where i am. To u, i am grateful for who u r. To u i am who i am now. N to u, i lay my love with all my might n heartfully humbling myself.

I juz wanna say that i love u more than yesterday n hopefully more in the near future. Definitely

Xoxo, muahx!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

be urself! :D

assalamualaikum and hello world! :*

so here's the thing, mama's word of wisdom that i will never forget. she once told me this when i 1st started working, that u shud not get over headed of urself regardless of wut. be good. be lovable.
dun forget those people who r below u for wo them u wont b where u r today. 

"i was told b4 that im one of the head who didnt care much to went out for lunch n hangout w clerks. 
these people work for u n u have to be good to them for all the work they had done. it is not wrong at all. the ceo personally wants me go back to the bank n i still get calls from the clerks mengadu n mntak tnjuk aja even after 3 years of retirement",- mama.

those words, came acroos my  mind today, when i attended raya open house for our comp's business banking division. big customers were invited. all the front people who liase w them were there.i was there w the kakaks2. reaching there, i went off to find kak liza for the hugs n kissies after such a long time. it was then when i realized that few people was starring at me as if i had done wrong. that when i figured out, i was hugging n touching one of the important person for the department, that i actually chit chatted w people from the mother of banks. same thing goes when the ceo came beside me n we sembang a bit, the abangs was looking at me like i had kill a person and he is the only one who knows bout it. nk ckp dgn ceo pegi la ckp, motif nk tenung2. for me, he is also a human being, bkn nya god nk kna worship smpai nk putih muka menggigil bila dea lalu sebelah je kot. 

it hit me straight away. how they had been seeing me b4? a girl who doesnt talks much, doesnt mingle around, except with the kakaks n they treat me like the kakaks? seriously? i dun get this at all. stop judging!. doesnt mean that i dont talk much at the offce that outside i will never get to know this people. ada orng tu x seberapa pon tp sbb dea hangout dgn the so call famous person that the whole bank pon kenal, she got famous as well. for my case, my circle of person was the kakaks, so i was treated like the kakaks. x seda ke awk tu pangkat dgn saya sama je. nak buat mcm awk tu the owner of the bank. jgn nak buat ayat dea tu manager mcm mana awk knal? hoi kurang aja sgt. for the sake of learning i pretended that i know nothing coz i dont mind starting from a scratch. kakaks ni yg willing to teach not d belagak pandai. jgn nk besa kepala sgt! i choose who i wanna be with. but that doesnt allow me to judge others. same goes to everyone. muka cantek pkai hensem2 dah tapi? nvm juz be urself n try to be the best out of it. coz im still trying. letih la. orng busuk haty ni smpai bila x sng tgk orng. so yeah be urself n have the fun out of it. 


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sayang. ;D

Hello people who actually reads this. Hehe. :) eid is coming soon. Its so amazing how fast time flies. When i was juz having a hard time to actually get off the most comfortable bed on earth in my house for sahur, we only left a week to make full use of Ramadhan.

This year, unlike yesteryear, im sort of looking forward for eid. Not that i-cant-wait-to-put-up-my-all-brand-new-raya-apparel sort of excitement. Its the excitement to actually laaaaaay down like nobody else's business and to be there with my love ones after such a long time. Even though im here everyday w my tangkai haty, the jolly celebration is sumthing that i certainly cant wait. I wanna peloks everyone especially those lil kiddies n kiss em smpai sume muntah darah. U see, how my hormones are getting older too? Dlu tgk budak2 mcm mampoih p kt hang la, now rs mcm nk pgg xnk lpas2. -.-!

Nevertheless of everything, dis ramadhan definitely was a better one than last year. I was shattered to pieces yet today im back to myself. Hai la haty. Didnt notice it at all, until a gf whispered to me during our last iftar at kgpa that i looked more radiant n glowy from the last time we met. Beseri2 sgt apahal. Haha gune la clinique! Kompem cantik! ;p

Im blessed for having these people around. N i wont ask for more. They know me in and out. My loud n my silent side. Alhamdulillah for everything.
:) Growing old is mandatory. I wanna have a memorable n lovely lane of it.

Yes this raya im gonna miss u super hard! ;p