Tuesday, 29 July 2014

selamat hari raya 2014, MS IZZATI

olla world!!  * waving like a lunatic*
It has been ages, i mean AGES since my last post here. when was it? oh ya my man's 28th birthday.
hahaha. i guess theres so much to update eh? almost a year has passed by, n massive life- changing decision has been made ever since. yupe people, I'm officially engaged to one hell-off- a- guy, the one who've been thru the last 5 years of ups and down together. to this crazy yet adorably adorable guy exactly on 25.6.2014.

hands off him if u wanna live :p

dis also means that i am officially a BRIDE TO BE for another 2 weeks!
crazy as it may seems, me myself, i still can't believe it either. lol
im stuttered. i know, i know it has been 4 months since the engagement, yet I'm still gobsmacked from it. who doesn't anyway. well, i shall stop crapping, let all the engagement photos speaks. till then, selamat hari raya 2014!! my last raya b4 I say i do to u, the one who i'll spend the rest of my life with.

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